Get comfortable dentures and partials in Casper, WY

Get comfortable dentures and partials in Casper, WY

Find the Right Fit at Dr. Rick Ullery's

Are you ready to take the next step in restoring your smile? Dr. Rick Ullery's office provides dentures and partials for patients in Casper, WY. We pride ourselves on creating comfortable dentures. Other practices may skip steps to speed the process, but we'll take the time to give you a perfect fit. We can also offer both full-size and mini implants to retain your new or existing dentures.

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We also offer extractions!

We are able to perform most necessary dental extractions with ease.

Ask about denture for repairs and replacements

Bone loss, daily wear and damage can all cause your dentures to start feeling loose. If your dentures no longer fit, we can provide:

  • Relines: With same day service...We'll take an impression of your existing dentures in the morning, send them to our local lab, and deliver you better fitting dentures by the end of the day!
  • Denture implants: This fast and simple process can give you great fitting dentures with little or no discomfort!
  • Replacement dentures

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